Lois Hoke MBA

December 9, 2016
Lois Hoke, RN, MBA

For recruiting and placing Perioperative leadership Adam is the go to. I have worked with him for over 20 years as both a hiring authority and a position seeker. Adam understands the business, is personable and responsive. He is uniquely talented in matching aspiring candidates with hiring institutions. No one is better than Adam!

Kristy Livingston

March 4, 2015

KristyThompson145Pathfinders helped me obtain a position at Stanford University Hospital.  I had been working with several executive recruiting firms over the past 6 months, however, it wasn’t until I started working with Pathfinders that I opened up my way of thinking.  Rather than me picking and choosing which specific facility I wanted to pursue, Karole Aquino took the time to listen to me, understanding what exactly I was looking for, and then consistently recommended job opportunities.  This ultimately led me to the job I have been long searching for.  Lauren Zummo was outstanding acting as my mediator with the organization to ensure smooth communication and setting up timely interviews and Adam Silbar was fabulous at counseling me prior to the interviews.

Pathfinders Health Search exemplifies exactly what I needed when it came to recruiters. Their team truly does work for both parties involved. They are able to match expertise with job opportunities so it’s a win-win situation for all. I am able to see why Pathfinders Health Search is the leader in their field and that’s why I highly recommend this team of professionals!

Barb Wegener

February 24, 2015

Naples-FL-hospital145 “I worked with Pathfinders Health Search on my move to Naples Community Health and my experience was excellent.  The team at Pathfinders helped me every step of the way.  The assisted me through the search process, interviewing, and negotiations. They helped me  develop the ability to answer and present challenging questions and communicate difficult issues effectively.  I found everyone in the office easy to talk to and I felt they truly understood me as a candidate.”

Roy Gonzales

January 2, 2015

Roy145I have known Adam Silbar and Pathfinders for over 10 years, and I am proud and very grateful that I took the call from them 10 years ago when I was considering a change in my professional career. Pathfinders placed me on my first directorial job of Peri op services in Southern California. They were very helpful in making it easy for me to transition from the Midwest, where my support system was, and bringing me to California, where I barely know anybody. Adam helped me all the way from interview process to accepting an offer . He even met and introduced me to the right people, and he and I became friends and more like a member of each others family.

One of the best qualities of Pathfinders as a recruitment company is that “individual approach” of support and understanding each of the potential candidates strength and weaknesses, that results to a better job placement. They are very sensitive to candidates privacy and rights as far as their wishes to which places and area they wanted to be presented as a potential candidate. Every single staff that they have are very respectful and professional, particularly Karole, Darlene, and Lauren. Pathfinders had successfully placed me in several jobs now as a Director of Peri Op Surgical Services around the country. If I have to rate this company from a scale of 1 being the lowest and 10 being the best, I will give them 20 just to make sure I cover all bases and my way of saying THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

Donna Bodman, RN, BSN, MSM

January 2, 2015

Donna145It has been an honor and privilege to have partnered with Pathfinders Health Search for over the past 10 years.My experience with Adam Silbar and his team has been very positive to land an exceptional career opportunity of a lifetime within the Perioperative arena.His team is professional, knowledgeable and treat candidates with utmost care and concern. If you are serious about working with the best Perioperative Recruitment firm contact Adam Silbar at Pathfinder’s Health Search.