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Welcome to Pathfinders Health Search, your first and last stop to recruitment services for advancing your career as a Vice President, Director, Manager or Educator in Perioperative or Sterile Processing Services. Pathfinders has been helping our candidates build careers for almost 30 years.  We specialize exclusively in the placement of leadership professionals in this area and are the most established Perioperative Specialty Firm in Existence.  No other firm in the United States has placed more Leaders in the area than Pathfinders Health Search.

We know there are a lot of other firms out there but most don’t understand the value and the difficulty of running a perioperative service.  Consider working with Pathfinders exclusively.  This will put you in better control of your career, and your resume.  Confidentially is key because you don’t want to jeopardize your present position while you pursue other opportunities that may, or may not, be better.  We will NEVER divulge your identity or send your resume anywhere without your expressed permission.

We will bring opportunities to you that match your goals and objectives.  We will help you to construct a resume or just polish one to make the greatest impact.  We will prep you for interviews so you are prepared and able to make the best impression.  We will present offers and help you negotiate them.  We’ll be there when you need us, even if it’s just to check the pulse of the industry and your job prospects.  In addition, we will investigate and pursue other opportunities on your behalf that you bring to us, no matter where you first heard about them.  No firm knows this particular niche’ better and can better communicate the benefits you provide to potential hiring managers.  Best of all, there is NO cost to you in any way.  Interview expenses will be paid by our clients and, most often, relocation assistance will also be offered.

We understand your need to balance your career with your personal life and family.  Complete our Intro 22 Program Questionnaire so we can better understand you, as a person – not just as a Leader.  We’ll help you to discover your true motivators and will honestly assess your career prospects.  Please answer as many questions as you can.  Someone from our staff will be in touch with you assessment within 3 business days from your submittal.  This is a free service.