Our Process

Our process is straightforward; we know where to target our resources.

A recruiter for this type of search has to be dedicated, meticulous and industrious. We invest the necessary time and energy and we won’t quit until the right person for your position is on-board. We will execute email campaigns to over 6,000 Perioperative Leaders and reach out to our unrivaled network through social media. This will have comprehensive information and web links so prospective candidates can research your hospital and the surrounding area. We’ll attract prospective candidates from targeted search engines, sponsored web ads and our Banner ad on the Career pages of the AORN (Association of Operating Room Nurses) website.

We’ve discovered, however, that most often, finding a good match requires person to person contact; phone call, after phone call, after phone call (on average over 750 a week). We are a presence to potential candidates.  We’ve stood the test of time.  We’re trusted and are often considered a nurse executive’s primary source of information regarding available opportunities.

As you know, qualified candidates for your position are very few and the vast majority are not even willing to make a job change, no matter how attractive the opportunity. We believe our unrivaled success demonstrates that no other firm is better equipped to find that “needle in the haystack”.

Our recruitment process has 3 phases.

handshakeThe first phase is good, old fashioned recruiting; actually discerning and attracting a qualified candidate.  Using the techniques described above, we will canvas the local area for qualified candidates and reach out to those nationwide that are likely to consider relocation.  The right candidate for your position will likely be happy where they are and currently employed at another facility. Therefore, we will need to attract them with what they will consider a “better” opportunity. The definition for this is subjective and will vary, depending on the individual candidate. Pathfinders will endeavor to discover those motivations and help to match them with the objectives of our client.  We discovered many years ago, that an onsite visit to meet with our retained hospital clients, in person, can be critical to the success of the search. This will give us the opportunity to tour the hospital and the community.  This gives us the ability to speak to potential candidates, from a first-hand perspective, about the current culture. We meet with key players, with whom the successful candidate will be working, to give them a chance to voice their criteria for a successful hire. We spend time in the surrounding area to be able to communicate the reasons why a person might wish to relocate there. This visceral connection is important and often proves to be the key persuasive element when a prospective candidate is on the fence about making a change in position.  We’ve also developed the “Intro 18” analytics model that qualifies candidates on every level for our positions.  A nursing executive is more than what they do for a job. Their character, drive, vision and creativity are what make them great.  They recognize the importance of family and community and how work-life balance renews and ultimately invigorates.

admin womanThe second phase is managing the prospective candidates’ expectations and emotional state during the process; recognizing red flags and providing consultation. We’ll be aiding in the scheduling of interviews and make sure the candidates are prepared.

The final phase is reference checking, offer negotiation and transition counseling. We’ll also stay in touch with our placed candidates for a minimum of 180 days, after they’ve started onboard, to make sure they are comfortable in their new role and are thriving.

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