Kristy Livingston

March 4, 2015

KristyThompson145Pathfinders helped me obtain a position at Stanford University Hospital.  I had been working with several executive recruiting firms over the past 6 months, however, it wasn’t until I started working with Pathfinders that I opened up my way of thinking.  Rather than me picking and choosing which specific facility I wanted to pursue, Karole Aquino took the time to listen to me, understanding what exactly I was looking for, and then consistently recommended job opportunities.  This ultimately led me to the job I have been long searching for.  Lauren Zummo was outstanding acting as my mediator with the organization to ensure smooth communication and setting up timely interviews and Adam Silbar was fabulous at counseling me prior to the interviews.

Pathfinders Health Search exemplifies exactly what I needed when it came to recruiters. Their team truly does work for both parties involved. They are able to match expertise with job opportunities so it’s a win-win situation for all. I am able to see why Pathfinders Health Search is the leader in their field and that’s why I highly recommend this team of professionals!