Intro 22 Questions

Dr-gloves-heartPlease take the time to answer the questions below. This will give us a better idea of not only what you’ve done but who you are, so we can tailor the best match possible. We know that making a job change is a big deal. The decision you make profoundly effects not only you, but your family and friends as well. By the end, we’ll be able to glean some valuable insights to assist us in finding you the right opportunity.

This process may also give you the chance to learn some things about yourself that will help you to discover your true mission in life and in your career.

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    1. How career oriented are you on a scale from 1-10
       (10 being most)?

    2. Please rank these in order of importance to you 1-4.
        (1 being most important)
       a. Pride of leadership:
       b. Personal growth:    
       c. Time at home:        
       d. Job satisfaction:     

    3. How many years of supervisory experience do you have?

    4. What is your education level?

    5. How would you describe your management style?

       5a. What kind of leadership do you work best under?

    6. What qualities in others inspire you?

    7. What are your strengths?

       7a. What about yourself needs improvement?

    8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    9. What geographic areas are you willing to consider?

    10. What is your present salary?

       10a. What do you expect your total compensation to be this year?

    11. What is the minimum increase you would consider to make a change?

       11a. Would you consider a lateral salary change if the position was right for you? YesNo

    12. Who’s relocating with you?

       12a. What is your spouses profession? Will they need to find a new job if you relocate?

    13. Do you have children living at home? if so, what ages.

    14. Do you have family members living elsewhere that you would like to move closer to? if so, where?

    15. Describe some qualities of your personality click all that apply:
    ExtravertIntrovertEntrepreneurOrganizedLevel headedSeriousJovialSelf-assuredEasy goingPromises made always keptUnder promise and over deliverCooperativeCollegialThirsty for knowledgeCareer orientedA numbers personA people personLove for mentoring othersVisionaryNo nonsensePatientEmpathetic and caringDrivenCreativeAnalyticalPragmaticSees problems as opportunitiesMethodicalPassionateTrustworthyStrategicDependable

       15a. What hobbies do you enjoy?

    16. What set’s you apart from others in your position?

    17. How would your boss describe you?

    18. How would most surgeons describe you?

    19. How would your staff describe you?

    20. What are the top 3 professional accomplishments you’re most proud of?

    21. What about your present position to you like the most?

    22. What about your present position do you least enjoy?

    Any other comments or thoughts you’d like to share with us?