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Success or Failure Depends on Surgical Services Succeed with Pathfinders Health Search Success or Failure Depends on Surgical Services Succeed with Pathfinders Health Search

Success or Failure of most hospitals depends on a well-run Perioperative department. Surgical Services are the biggest revenue generators, as well as the biggest departmental cost center. BOTTOM LINE, Invest in quality people and half of the battle is won.

Great Hire – Permanent Placement.

    • With over a quarter century of relationships built, Pathfinders is the trusted resource to Periop and SPD Leaders. Most of our candidates are not actively looking for a new position and don’t respond to ads. These “passive candidates” rely on us to bring them opportunities that fit their career and family objectives. We take the time to get to know our candidates on a personal level, as well as a professional level. “Our proprietary “Intro 22” analytics system comprehensively qualifies our candidates and sets us apart from all other executive search firms in our specialty.”

An Interim Periop Solution within Two Weeks.

    • Every moment your Director, Manager or Educator position is without a skilled professional, is a lost opportunity. Your department will lose direction without an expert at the helm. Your Physician Customers may feel there is not enough attention given to their needs. Staff morale decreases and systems degrade. Revenue increases stall and costs usually increase. Contact us now for an immediate solution and protect your investment.

Attract the Best Candidate Available.

Perioperative Professionals are in extremely high demand. At any given time, Pathfinders is monitoring over 500 open positions for Directors and Managers of Surgical and Sterile Processing Services nationwide. We partner with our clients to help them stand out from the competition, with proven recruitment techniques and advice on how you can position your facility to attract the best talent available.