$1000 Bonus

giving moneyIf Pathfinders places you in your next position, we will award you $1,000 on the first year anniversary at your new job.  In fact, you may read or hear about the opportunity from another source and bring it to our attention.  If you get the job, we’ll pay you anyway.  Just mention that you saw this notice, to any of our team, before your start date.

Perioperitive Leaders are critical to the survival of most health care organizations.The skill set and abilities that periopertive leaders bring are in short supply.  The leaders themselves are in high demand.  That is why you are likely deluged by executive recruiters, most of which don’t understand what a Perioperative Leader goes through or the value they bring .  Do yourself a favor and limit the firms you work with. This will give you better control of where your resume is going and give you the power to be in charge of your own career.

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