John Baciu

December 8, 2014

CHOCLAFortunately we haven’t had a lot of turnover with high level management in our OR. However, close to 10 years ago I heard about Pathfinders and the services they provide. I established a meeting with Adam, just as a resource, should the need arise. Last year our Director of Surgery position did become available and I called Pathfinders to do the search. We wanted an extremely high caliber individual and because we’re located in a high cost of living area and specialize only in pediatrics, I knew the search wasn’t going to be easy. Still, Adam accepted the assignment. He made us his priority and, within a reasonable amount of time, brought us a qualified pool of potential candidates. We had some ups and downs but ended up with an excellent match for our situation. When the need arises again for an OR Manager, I’ll call Pathfinders. I just hope Adam will have to wait at least another 10 years.