911 Interim Solutions


You’re a leader and you deserve it.  Your career is growing and you continue to take on more and more responsibility but your time is already stretched to the limit  . . . THEN, a key member of your team GIVES NOTICE!

You’ve probably been there. Fortunately, we can help.redphone

Every moment your Director, Manager or Educator position is without a skilled professional, is a lost opportunity.  Your department will lose direction.  Your physician customers may feel that there is not enough attention being paid to their needs. Staff morale decreases and systems degrade.  Revenues usually stall and costs will likely increase.

Immediately hiring an Interim Leader provides an immediate solution; taking the pressure off and giving you the leeway you need.  This will also help us on your permanent search because the position will be more attractive to prospective candidates if the department has not been in decline as a result of the void in leadership.

Contact us now to protect your investment and keep your department from drifting off track.

You’ll probably even sleep better at night.